​Business Development

Create​ the business someone has never seen

CRIADOR means “Creator” in Portugues. 

Our role is creating business idea and build the structure up until it can run by itself.

Our partner has various option to succeed the profittable business.

VALUE UP(to be a business partner)

Create and redefine the value

We support the partners regardless of the area of business in any growth stage.

From scratch, Brush up the model, Pivot,  Functional enhancement, Planning, Team up, Financing, Promotion, we accept any problem of your business and make various solution.


Do what the society want

Enjoy our life and work as making a contribution to society and environment.

We focus on the solution which can achieve a perfect balance between commercial gain and social activity.

In the post-capitalism generation,  we have to quit the business model for no other reason than to earn money. Do what the society want, it should be sustanable.



Start up

Project tying retail sales into a social action.  

Building the professional structure of new market in some big firm.

Organizing Cloud consulting team, Oveseas development of Japanese food, Finance strategy for a startup in Portland

Promotion / Branding

Working with some partner companies as an Event organizer,

PR contents producer, Branding strategist, Marketing director.



More than 40 cases within 2018:

Food business, Startup contents development, Series A finance arrangement, Area development, Event organize, Aparel branding, Campaign planning

Agri business promotion, Health care marketing, etc.


         <Company info>

name:  CRIADOR Inc.

CEO:   Jumpei Takei

Established:  Mar, 2017


Adrs:〒106-0031, 3-8-11-1102, Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo​


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